De-clutter Service

An extension to our unique mobile self-storage service is our house declutter service. We came across it by accident after we discovered customers were requesting the mobile self-storage service while they were moving, this gave us a thought: “Why not offer it to all of our customers in a clearly laid out method that’s easy to use and understand?” It turns out that many people make use of a self-storage facility while they are moving – this is just the same but FREE and EASY.

The declutter service really is a lifesaver in several ways, for example:

  • If you are packing up and are tight on space (you will need a lot of spare space when packing!) it is really useful to have non-essential stuff out of the way.
  • You have some really nice items of furniture or pictures that you want separated from the main move and you want to pack and move them yourself.
  • You have a garage or shed now but won’t at the new property so it would be useful to have these items kept to one side until you are straight, or had time to build a shed or board the loft etc.
  • You have young children and you will need as much space as possible to care for them when moving. This would be the case with most moves but with young children it can be very stressful if there is no spare space for them to play in etc.
  • You might be planning to do some minor building work or decoration at the new property and it would be handy if certain things were out of the way.
  • And so on…

Here’s how it works.

Just let us know that you are interested in the service and at a pre-arranged, mutually agreeable time we will deliver a storage container to your property. This is located inside a purpose built trailer and we will leave it with you. Depending on availability and access we can leave it with you for up to a couple of days.

You load all the items that will be in your way when moving. Then the trailer will be picked up and taken back to our purpose built storage facility in Billericay, Essex where the storage container will be unloaded with a forklift and stacked away for safekeeping. We will also include £2,000 insurance cover per week free of charge.

You can padlock the container if required, for additional security. Each container comes with blankets and cardboard to protect your belongings if need be. People are often surprised how much they can actually get in each container; they also mention that it feels really good to shift stuff that was in the way!

Once you have settled into your new home and feel it’s time to be reunited with your belongings, simply contact the office and your storage container will be delivered back to you.

If you move house with us, not only will you receive the greatest customer service in the area, but you will also have access to this fantastic service which is totally FREE for our customers and includes:

  • Delivery of storage container (within 8 miles of our warehouse). Each container measures 7’x5’x8’ is 35 square feet or 250 cubic feet.
  • Return of storage container to new home (within 8 miles of our warehouse).
  • Storage of container for up to two weeks.

The service is still available if you live over 8 miles away from our depot, but there will just be a small collection and delivery charge. Also, if you require a second container there is a £50 collection charge but there will be no free storage with subsequent containers.

If you feel you want your belongings to stay in storage longer than the two free weeks, the cost is only £11.50 + vat per container per week. Should you have any questions about this service, call our office on 01277 653 268 – our friendly staff here at A J Stephenson Removals will be delighted to help you. You can also use our contact form and a member of our friendly team will get back to you ASAP.