Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked question here. If you have any question that is not covered, don’t hesitate to use our quick online contact form, or phone 01277577146 where a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.

How long before I move do I need to book a survey for my removal?

Some people think they should leave the survey until they exchange contracts so they know the date is definite. This is not a good idea as you may find your chosen remover is booked. If you get a quotation from us it will stand for 6 months; this way you will be able to prepare for your move in good time.

How much will the survey cost?

Nothing! Our survey is completely free and will include loads of useful information specific to you and also a moving pack, and access to our App which features Augmented Reality Technology to make the packing process come to life!

What if we decide not to move due to unforeseen circumstances and we have had a survey?

Just let us know and we will keep your details on our system for any future requirements you may have. If you require our services in the future, therefore, we’ll be able to help you quickly and efficiently, and in the same caring manner you would expect.

When we were originally asked if we wanted help with the packing we said no, but we are now struggling and need help. Could you do it and take into account the items we have already packed?

Yes, assuming it’s not too close to moving day and we have availability. We can pack on a per carton basis which will reflect the items you have packed. Please note that any items packed by you will not be covered by insurance.

When do we need to pay for our removal?

Payment is due 7 days in advance and in full. In most cases, people pay by credit card or debit card. You will then receive a Confirmation of Removal Day letter and a receipt of payment. The advantages of this are that your move is paid for and therefore a definite - you won’t have to wonder if the van will turn up! Furthermore, if you pay by credit card, you will be protected under the Consumer Credit Act. You will also have paid the right amount and will not have to worry that additional charges will be added at the last minute at the remover’s discretion.

We want to pack ourselves; when will we get our packing materials?

Once you have signed and returned the quotation acceptance form, we will deliver your packing materials. If you do not have a provisional moving day then we will charge a small deposit which is returnable if you move with us on a day we can do. If we can’t do the day you want, we will charge you the cost price of the materials you have used.

What packing materials will we receive?

We will supply small boxes for books, standard boxes for most other items, clear plastic bags for bedding & cushions etc, paper, bubble wrap & tape. You will also receive a packing information sheet.

What time do you start loading?

This all depends on the type of removal. If it is a local removal we will normally arrive between 8-8.30 am and look to be loaded by 12noon. This will give you time to hand in the keys and collect the new keys. It will also give us time to get set up at the new property and have something to eat. We will normally be unloaded by 5pm - however, this may be later, especially if there is a delay for the keys to be released.

If there is a delay with key release, do you charge us if you have to wait around?

As we will have to pay our crew overtime we will have to recoup this. We charge £20 per hour or part thereof per crew member for the waiting time between 2pm and when you get the keys, not when we finish unloading. So for example, if there are 3 crew members and you get your new keys at 4.15pm, we will charge you for 3 crew members at a rate of £20 each for 3 hours, making it a total of £180. But don’t worry, we also offer a waiting time charges waiver, which if taken out will cover these costs.

How do I pack my hanging clothes?

You don’t. We will place them on our garment carriers which will keep them clean and crease free. There are covers that protect the clothes.

I have a nearly new leather sofa and I’m worried it will get scratched in the move.

You don’t need to worry as we will protect all of your sofas and chairs in strong covers which will totally encase them. Not only will your upholstery stay unscratched, but it will also be free from finger marks. As well as sofa covers we also use mattress covers and dining furniture covers. We also cover all carpets and banisters and can even cover up the front door, too!

What happens if we book a date and then we have to change it?

We are quite used to this. Don’t worry as it’s no fault of yours and out of your hands. If your date changes 7 or more days from your moving day, we will move you around on our job board. However, we will only be able to reserve one date for you, so bear this in mind. If it is less than 7 days then unfortunately there will be postponement or cancellation fees due (as printed on our terms and conditions). In most cases, these changes only really occur if you haven’t exchanged contracts. For this reason, it is a good idea to ask your solicitor for a sensible gap between exchange and completion. In some cases we will offer a cancellation charges waiver, which will protect you from these charges if the move were to fall through or change day. This would only apply to confirmed moves that have exchanged contracts.

What would happen if our completion didn’t go through at all and we couldn’t get into our new house?

I wouldn’t worry as this is really unlikely, although it does occasionally happen. Again, it really only happens when people try to exchange and complete on the same day. If this did happen to you then we would be able to do one of two things: Firstly, we could leave your goods on the lorry overnight, locked up and in a secure compound; or, alternatively, if we needed the lorry the next day then we could store your possessions in our secure warehouse, without having to rush around to find somewhere at short notice.

Additionally, we also offer a Removal Day Waiver on some moves, which if taken out will pay for any additional removal and storage charges.

Will you dismantle furniture if need be?

Yes, but we need to know in advance. This is one of the reasons to have a survey done. The surveyor will identify any items that may need to be dismantled and ask if you want to do it or if you want us to do it. In most cases this does not affect the cost. However, if the surveyor feels the item will take a longer period of time and is complicated, he will quote separately for this. Anything our staff dismantle will be re-assembled. It is important to mention that ‘kit’ furniture is not designed to be dismantled and re-assembled, and as a result any damage caused would not be covered by insurance.

Is there any work that you will not do?

Yes. We will not fix anything to the walls or other surfaces, nor will we carry out electrical, plumbing or gas work. We will not go into lofts or cellars unless it has been agreed in advance and there is good access/lighting & flooring. If you need any of these services, take a look at our links section to find local companies who are able to carry out these services for you and that hold the same customer care and excellence standards as we do. You are also likely to get a discount if you mention you got their details from us.

What if the surveyor gets the size of the job wrong and it doesn’t fit on the lorry?

That is not your problem. We will complete your move in a professional way and in a reasonable timeframe. If we need to, we will use additional vehicles which we have access to. This problem regularly occurs when quotes are done over the phone or online. Usually the remover will have made allowances for this and you would foot the bill.

What if you accidentally break something on the move? What would you do about it?

Accidents do happen sometimes. If we break something we will fix it or, if it can’t be fixed, we’ll replace it. If it is something small, like a picture frame or a garden pot, we will give you the money directly. If it is something larger and more expensive, we will send you a claim form. We will not hold your claim up if we have damaged your property. This doesn’t mean we are clumsy; in fact we have a claims record that is second to none. It’s just that you need to know you are dealing with an honourable company.

Ok, we want a quote for a move with you. What’s the next step?

Call our friendly office, request a call back or make an online enquiry from our web site and we will take care of the rest. If you know you want a survey, you can go to “Book a Survey” and suggest the dates and times that best suit you. We will then contact you to arrange the appointment. Alternatively, if you’re in the area you could pop into our office, located next to Billericay Railway Station.