Bogged down with clutter when moving house? Why not make your stuff disappear, and then re-appear when you want it?

For most people moving house is an exciting time, planning where all the furniture will go, what new things can be bought to fill the new home. All the entertaining that can be done, all the free space available to peruse new hobbies or just expand into.

But what if your moving to a similar sized house or even downsizing, you could have a real problem on your hands, especially when your packing it all up. It’s human nature to hold onto items when you have spare space in lofts garages etc, but this can cause a real problem when it comes to moving, especially if you are tight on space.

Here at A J Stephenson Removals Ltd, we have a unique solution for you that is not available anywhere else in the area. We offer a FREE de-cluttering service which enables you to move in without all the non-essential possessions that you have collected over the years and are now in the way. Here’s how it works-

At a pre-arranged time we will deliver a Storage Container to your property inside a purpose built trailer and leave it with you for an agreed period of time. This can be anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days. You load all the non-essential items that will be in your way when moving , including unwanted furniture if required as blankets are provided. When loaded and secured with padlocks the trailer will be picked up and taken back to our purpose built storage facility in Billericay where the storage container will be unloaded with a forklift and stacked away for safe keeping. We will also include £3,000 insurance cover per week free of charge.

It always surprises people how much they can get into the container. If you’d like any further information, contact us today!

After you have unpacked and settled into your new home, (maybe you had the loft boarded or had a shed built) and you are ready to be re-united with your stuff. Your storage container will be delivered back to you at a time that suits you.

Many people have moved with far too much into a smaller space and always regret it. Some identify the problem in advance and hire a van and take the excess items to a self-store facility, but this can be very expensive and time consuming.

Our unique system has solved this problem, it can also be used if you wish to decorate a room in the new house, or have a new kitchen fitted etc.. Freeing up much needed space so the job can be done more effectively.

If you move house with us not only will you receive the highest Customer service in the area delivered by a multi award winning fully accredited company, but you will also have access to this fantastic service which is totally FREE for our customers and includes.-

  • Delivery of storage container within 8 miles of Billericay. (Each container measures 7`x5`x8` is 35 square feet and 250 cubic feet)
  • Return of storage container to new home.
  • Storage of container for 2 weeks

Additional charges for delivery can be arranged if over 8 miles, if a second container is required there will be an additional charge of £70, for collection and delivery. There is no free storage with any subsequent containers.

If you wish to stay in Storage longer than 2 weeks the cost is £13.50 + vat per container per week. This is calculated to the day and doesn’t get rounded up.

If sadly you decide not to move with A J Stephenson Removals Ltd you can still benefit from the same service it will just mean that you pay for collection and delivery and the storage.

If you have any questions about this service call us today and our friendly staff will be delighted to help you.