Can you deliver a Quality Removal Service with Unskilled Removal Men?

Removal workers are classed as unskilled labour. There is no career path into removals through appreniships, college courses or other recognised training courses, there are in house training courses and trade association backed training courses, but on the whole the only experience is gained from learning the ropes and getting stuck in! This was how I learned many years ago, from employing experienced staff that I watched and learnt from. This experience I passed on to the staff I worked with and so on and so forth. The problem with this is that due to the nature of the business and the perceived image of the industry in the eye of the consumer(In many cases) results in a high turnover in staffing.

Many removal companies use staff as an expendable resource and as such don’t offer an incentive to stick around, it is true to say that they often value the removal crew in a similar light to many customers.

The unregulated remover may employ staff on an ad hoc basis on a cash in hand basis, viewing them as an dispensable commodity that can easily be replaced by the next person that wants to earn some cash.

With all this going on in an industry that is still largely regarded as an unskilled industry, is it any wonder staff move around looking for a better working life?

With all this in mind and the points I am about to make, I regard Removal workers as one of the highest skilled working groups of any industry.

The industry is regarded as unskilled in many cases so the revenues available to companies are restricted and as a result the wages are low, not only this the working hours in a week are very long and unpredictable due to the nature of the business. If this was not bad enough the antiquated moving system causes delays on moving day that are totally unpredictable and quantifiable, resulting in a working day where you never know what time you will finish work, and as there is often Saturday work as well, the only day of the week you can guarantee to be home at a certain time is Sunday.

Removal work is hard physical work, the crew have to load by a certain time and unload as efficiently as possible, there is no allowance for extremes of weather such as snow, rain and searing heat, or long walks if the lorry can`t get up the lane. They will often have to carry awkward and heavy items up several floors, they will remove doors and windows if required and even hoist furniture outside the building to gain access.

Your removal crew will protect your treasured possessions and place them in your new home in the same condition they were at the last, they will dismantle and re-assemble your beds and wardrobes, they will unplumb your washing machine and dishwasher. They will protect your property with specialist covers. They will offer advice on furniture positioning and as a result may have to move things around many times, they will help where possible with locating stop cocks or electric meters and help with setting up your TV.

They will remain positive and will make sure you are getting a first class service. They even sometimes have to be marriage councilors! (Moving is stressful)

So is it any wonder I have come to this conclusion?

In reality I have done them a disservice and painted a too rosy picture but you get the point!

My company A J Stephenson Removals Ltd, Have recently been awarded the “Most loved removal company in the UK”, based on feedback from our customers, we are regularly in the top ten list of the “The National Guild of Removers and Storers Ltd” (the top trade association in the industry).

We offer outstanding service to our customers time and time again and all because we have excellent, highly skilled staff. I make a promise to my customers and they deliver it over and over again. How can they be unskilled?

I am really lucky with all my staff and they seem to stick around for a while so I`m guessing they know I value them, In fact I wouldn`t have a business without them. So if your reading guys Thanks.

Although I am aware that the industry is low value low wage, I try to pay a living wage and cut no bones that I feel they deserve much more for the work they do. This is why I have made a promise to them that I will make this company the premium provider of quality removal services in the UK, where everyone knows the service they get from us is world class. Resulting in them knowing they have a future in a company where they are truly valued and appreciated and can share in the success of the business.

If you want to meet the team give us a call and speak to one of the 3 J’s, Jo, Jane or Julie and they will make the arrangements to look after you and your move.

So it is possible to deliver a quality removal service with unskilled removal men? Impossible!

We are often looking for well motivated, positive people to join our team, If you feel you have what it takes fill in our application form on our website.