Divorce me honey, its got to be easier than moving house!

We all know how stressful moving house can be, it is probably the third most stressful thing you can experience behind a bereavement or a divorce. I actually think arranging a house removal service is even more stressful in some ways than the others. The reason I say this is that with the other two, something has actually happened, as awful as it may be but its happened and apart from the overwhelming grief (unless it was a blessing of course!) there are no real uncertainties to come up and slap you in the face when you least expect it.

Let’s follow the story of Mr & Mrs Mover

Lets move house, were bursting at the seams!

Great idea where do you want to move to?

We need to be near work and good schools.

Found the perfect house, just need to sell.

Which estate agent and solicitor shall we use?

Need to stage the house for sale, where do we hide the clutter?

Don’t think I can stand another time waster!

Sold! need to find a reliable Essex Removal Company.

The first time buyer wants to move in asap, our vendor is buying a probate.

Managed to stall the buyer long enough to tie the two together.

We now have a date, Its only 2 weeks away, think we better start packing!

8 days to go and just realised they are not such a reliable removal company, been let down.

Wished I read the Industry unique report “The Top Ten Removal and Storage Disasters to avoid report

All OK found another remover, these ones are regulated by the National Guild of Removers and Storers.

7 days to go but not exchanged, its OK our remover offers a Late Exchange Guarantee.

5 days to go and still hoping for the date, how late can you leave letting the utilities know?

3 days to go- Exchanged!! Pop the champagne!

What can go wrong now?

The packings a real nightmare, wished id got the packing girls round, they said they would have done it all the day before we move.

Bombshell… 2 days to go and the mortgage company withdraws your buyers mortgage after exchange!!! Is that actually possible? (Its very rare but can happen) You need another buyer! The move is off..

Will my vendor understand my position and be prepared to wait?

Just realised I would have lost 90% of my removal fees if I hadn`t taken out the removers Postponement/Cancellation Waiver.

Do we unpack so it looks nice for the next batch of viewers?

Sold again! This time no risky First time buyer its an elderly couple, they just need to sell their house.

Eventually..D Day is on the horizon again. Made sure the regulated removal company could do the date before we agreed to it.

Moving Day!! The van has arrived the crew are really friendly and helpful.

This might actually be fun.

All loaded its only 12 noon, now we have to wait for the keys

Its OK if there is a delay with the keys as the remover has a waiting time waiver in place.

Its now 3 o clock, we want to get in and get set up.

4 O`Clock! How late can it go? (usually 4.30pm is the cut off, after that the money transfer system closes)

Its now 5 O’clock, apparently the solicitor sent the money to the wrong account.

It was only a typo! Now what do we do?

Good job were not hundreds of miles away!

Our Essex remover has their own storage facility so they can put it in there until it goes through, they need the lorry tomorrow.

Taken out the removers Completion Day Collapse Waiver, so we wont have to pay for the move again and the storage charges.

It doesn’t seem such a good idea now moving on a Friday.

Wheres the nearest hotel?

Wheres our clothes?….

OK not everyone is that unlucky, but it is possible, and it would have been a lot worse had the mover not gone for all the added waivers and guarantees. There are many stresses of moving house and I understand how painful it can be, that is why my company A J Stephenson Removals and Storage Ltd, offer the widest range of protection available in the industry.

You didn’t really want a divorce, it is very stressful and quite allot more expensive than moving. Trust me, I know!