Get a house removal survey not a removal nightmare!

With all the wonders of the web and the convenience it can bring it is possible to get carried away with it all and end up with egg on your face, big time! Especially if you are thinking of moving house and want to get some quotes for your removal. Why?

There are obviously different types of removal service: for example, a student with a definitive list of items would carry alot less risk than a full house removal from a 4 bedroomed house. However it never ceases to amaze me that people with a full house move will take a chance on an on line quote. The problem is, its not their fault, they just want a quote, and don’t realise the nightmare that could be just around the corner if they don’t carry out the 3 key stages listed below. Trust me the wrong decision could put years on you.

There are so many compare sites for all types of industry such as mortgage comparison, utility bill comparison, mobile phone, insurance… the list goes on. How many compare sites do you see for builders, kitchen fitters, landscape gardeners etc, not many I would suggest and the reason for that is that the service is tailor made and unique to each job, unlike car insurance etc. With this in mind why is it assumed that a quality removal service is a commodity not a bespoke service just like a builder or an interior designer?

Yet when you search for removal companies on google etc you will find loads of them, and they are not always easy to spot. These sites charge the removal companies for each lead and most of the time the companies that are quoting for the work are unregulated and will often lure you in with low prices and then move the goal posts nearer the date or even on it! As many are unregulated they are answerable to no one and although the comparison site is a legitimate company, it is doubtful they would underwrite any loss you incur as a result.

If you want to move house without all the pitfalls and problems that can easily occur without a bit of planning, I would strongly recommend you do the following-

  1. Sign up for my FREE moving report “The Top Ten Removal and Storage Disasters to Avoid!” which is endorsed by the National Guild of Removers & Storers Ltd (NGRS) and unique in the industry. This can be found on our website
  2. Make sure the company belongs to one of the only two trade associations in the industry, the Guild or the BAR. (Both have strict codes of practice that member companies must stick to)
  3. Get a removal survey booked. This will give you a feel of how the company operates and gives them the information to give you a tailor made quote. (And its Free!)

You can do lots more ground work but these are the most important things to do, there are loads of tips and advice contained in the report, so I would suggest you download a free copy.

Think about it this way- Would you fill in a form to get your new expensive curtains ordered based on your measurements and style & pattern selections? I doubt it, so get on the phone! If your in Essex give us a call 01277 653268 and speak to one of our friendly caring staff.