Chapter 3: Insurance

It is so important that your worldly goods are fully insured while they are being moved and stored (particularly stored!)   But you’d be surprised how few people actually check that they are insured and are insured correctly. It’s not only your belongings that need to be insured but also your property. You will also need to consider Public Liability Cover.  Just because a remover said you`re fully insured doesn’t necessarily mean you, or they are!

The Members of the BAR and the Guild have to comply with minimum standards of Insurance, and you can be assured that you will be covered for most if not all eventualities. As with other Insurance Policies you will be asked to provide a valuation of your belongings being moved or going into store. This can be the same as your home contents, less any items not going or insured, such as carpets, curtains, fitted furniture and jewellery.  It would be wise to ask your chosen remover if their insurance is supplied by a specialist Removal Broker. You may find that some unregulated removers have no insurance cover at all and this could cost you very dearly. “Limited liability” Insurance is where you are covered but negligence would need to be proved if your remover challenged a claim. “Insured Remover” means you provide the value of the goods and the remover will extend his policy to include your goods, which will be fully covered.   Professional removers will offer to pack your belongings, and if they do, you can be assured they will be fully covered. If you pack yourself, your items if broken will not be covered unless the box has been dropped or mishandled.

The insurance area is complicated and I am certainly no expert. What I would always suggest is that whoever you move with, ask for the contact details of their insurance broker, and ask them if you will be covered for the services you are requesting, and also ask for the company’s claims record and how long they have been with that insurance company and who they were with before. If the company has not correctly handled the Insurance then if there is a claim the loss adjuster could throw out the claim and leave you to get compensation direct from the company in the Small Claims Court.

Storage Insurance is an area that is often overlooked when comparing storage companies. Most self store companies will charge you for insurance on top of your storage charges and these can be very considerable, even on occasion higher than the storage costs themselves! So check it out before deciding on a storage company.