It’s been too long, there’s so much to tell you.

I can’t believe its 10 months since I last wrote a blogpost. So much has happened that I don’t know where to start. I know, with a nice photo and an announcement.

warehouse-fleetA J Stephenson Removals Ltd – 30 years in Business 1984-2014

It hardly seems possible when I see that, it only seems like yesterday that I was delivering bread in my first transit all those years ago. While I’m talking about milestones here’s another. Alan Stephenson born 1964, 50 years young in 2014. (Now that’s a worry!)

Enough of me, none of the company’s success would be possible without the great staff that I’m lucky to employ, I am truly lucky that I have such a great team who deliver the outstanding service that our reputation depends upon, so thank you to you all. Talking of staff there have been a few developments.

Jo Pemberton-Stone has been with me for many years and is now leaving. However she said she will be back for more when she’s tired of the screaming and daytime TV! Congratulations Jo and Mark on the forthcoming birth of your baby in February.

Steven Maskell has also been with me for a long time and he has been promoted to Operations Manager and oversees the day to day running of the jobs. So if we send the wrong sized lorry you can blame him. (Actually that has never happened in fact we always have spare capacity) So congratulations to him and also congratulations on his forthcoming wedding in May to Michelle. (Please try not to book the 22nd May to move!)

Matt Whitehair originally worked for me 18 years ago, he arrived back a couple of years ago and announced that he has worked everywhere else and just had to work for us again, that perstisance paid off and shortly Matt will be taking up a sales role in the company, once he has passed his driving test!

Like Matt, Andy Shaw managed to make a return entry to the company in September, he had left previously and came to the conclusion after working for other removal companies in the area that we weren’t that bad after all. Welcome back Andy. (I think the crew have stopped ribbing him now!)

Welcome to the new faces of Kevin and Reece, Kevin is a very popular member of the crew and is a real asset to the company, he is also in the process of taking his driving test and when he does will progress with the company and hopefully end up driving one of our HGV`s. Reece is our 17 year old apprentice, very mature for his age and has already decided his future lies here. We won’t disappoint Reece the world is your oyster!

I don’t want to bore you with all the ins and outs of our staffing but I would like to say a special thankyou to Alban and Stevie for their excellent HGV driving to Joanne in the office for her outstanding customer service, all the packing girls who have so carefully packed our customers houses and most importantly to my wife Jane who supports me and is so hard working. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the show in the past year and also the last 30 years! There is one very important person that none of this would be possible without and thats our customer, id like to thank them for keep coming back and recommending us. See what past customers thought about us in our testimonials page.

Not much else to add other than we have added a couple of new vehicles a 13 ton 4 container lorry and a 3.5 ton support vehicle. We have outsourced our bookkeeping and IT support as well as installing a new phone system.

Quite a lot in a year but why the silence? Well mainly it’s been so busy, there is a definite increase in activity in the housing market and storage is proving to be ever popular.

The main reason I have been shy is that I do all the sales and I always try to visit each potential move so I can prepare a tailor made quote fitting the client’s specific needs. We cover most of Essex this takes up most of my time but it’s worth it to get the right information so we can deliver a quality removal service. I’ve done it for years, 30 to be precise so its automatic and second nature, but what happens when you need help and someone like Matt comes along who is perfect for the role (well he will be when he can drive!). I can’t expect him to just go out there and get it right so I decided to write a sales process for him to follow. Easier said than done! Well it’s done and it took ages but well worth it. (Matt might not agree!) I won’t be removing my sales hat but will work closely with Matt initially to test the process but in time will do less and less. I will then have more time to help Steven in the warehouse and hopefully be a less stressed and always in a rush type person. Can’t wait! (Nor can the staff!)

So what does this mean for you the reader? Well you can look forward to more regular blog posts on exciting topics such as self-storage and ethical booking processes, as well as more frequent social media updates. Just checked my twitter page I’ve not sent a tweet for 3 months! That’s bad, ill tweet this.

P.S Also in 2014, we were voted the most loved removal company in the UK and most loved business in Billericay for the third year running!