Moving house? Whatever you do don’t risk the unregulated removal company.

It is so confusing when your trying to choose a good removal company for your forthcoming move. There are literally thousands to choose from but how do you know which ones are good and which ones will drop you in a flash if a better job comes along? (and some do!).

The first filter to apply is only consider companies that belong to one of the two dedicated Removal trade associations in the UK. The British Association of Removers (BAR) and The National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS), both bodies have strict codes of practice that their members must adhere to as well as arbitration and conciliation services. The NGRS go further, all their members must belong to the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme (RIOS) which is totally independent and members must act on any decision that is made which could involve compensation to a customer. If they refuse they will be removed from the scheme and will have their membership of the NGRS cancelled as a result. This happened to a so called reputable company in the Basildon area a few years ago. Although membership of a trade association proves that companies meet minimum standards, companies that have the Ombudsman Approved status will give you the maximum reassurance and consumer protection. Fully accredited removers are the safest choice.

The next filter you should use is that the company will make an appointment and send a surveyor to establish the exact requirements of your move and send you a written quotation, see my last blog about this “Get a house removal survey not a nightmare!”.

These are the 2 main filters but you can and should go further and check that they have not been removed from the Ombudsman at some point in the past, that they are well established, have a fixed address, have a friendly and informative website, they have recent removal testimonials on view and very importantly how do they come accross? Did they sound pleased to hear from you? Did they ask you when would be convenient for the survey? or did they say when would be best for them. Basically did you get a good feel for the company? Its quite amazing but something a simple as this can make all the difference. It follows that if the first contact and subsequent contacts are friendly and efficient with good customer service then the actual removal will be the same.

So you can see that there are regulated companies and really good regulated companies, ideally you want the latter. But what about the unregulated remover? There are many more of these than regulated ones and some will do a good job, BUT how do you tell? As they are not answerable to anyone they can basically do what they like, for example they may offer low prices to fill up their schedule then they will raise them for busy days, if they get one of these high paying jobs on your date, guess who’s going to get a call from them saying they can`t move you now, and guess what its only a week till you move and all the good companies are now booked. There are so may other problems with them that I cant begin to put them all down here, I have however written an industry unique report highlighting these issues and more, you can read this here. This report is used and endorsed by the NGRS so you can be assured its accurate relevant information that will help you. Its called “The Top Ten Removals and Storage Disasters to Avoid”, chapter 2 will outline more of the problems you could face if you move with an unregulated remover. You can find it here- “Some of the pitfalls of using an unregulated remover”

If you want to save all the hard work of working out who will offer the best service in the area with a value for money price, who give outstanding service and Guarantee you this, look no further- give us a call! We are confident that you will be delighted with the service. See what others thought of the service here.