With so many packing options available when moving house, why consider packing yourself?

When moving house many people will consider having professionals pack for them. This is a very sensible decision as it is an extremely hard and backbreaking job, that can often overwhelm you   especially towards the end. It’s usually too late when people realise they have made a mistake.

Packing your house up into boxes is an extremely skilled job and very hard work, items will be uninsured if you find there are a few breakages when you unpack.

One of the main problems of packing yourself is that you will find that you need to leave large amounts of packing until the last few days such as kitchen and bedroom items. This poses a problem as you will invariably run out of time and possibly packing materials as well. Your removers will not take kindly to being greeted by half filled boxes and a delay waiting for the last items to be packed. They may even charge you additional fees for any delays as a result. In our unique moving report “The Top 10 Removals and Storage Disasters to Avoid” Chapter 5 about packing illustrates this in great detail.


If on the other hand you opt for a packing service, you will usually be faced with 2 options – Full packing and glass and china packing. We are in an enviable position where we can offer a much wider range of options to suit most needs. Listed below are the packing options we provide and a brief summary of what’s included.

  • Standard Full Pack – Packing all household items into boxes & bags.
  • Premium Full pack – As above plus garage, shed and curtains if required.
  • Standard China & Glass Pack – All china Glass items including everyday china, cookware, lamps, pictures & mirrors.
  • Premium Glass & China – As above but with the kitchen and utility included.
  • Standard Unpack – Boxes & bags unpacked onto surfaces or floor, and removal of old packing materials.
  • Premium Unpacking – As above but including placing of items to customer specification, making beds and hovering up!

So for example if you find that you are too busy to move you could book yourself into a hotel for a couple of days leaving instructions and a key with our head packer and leave the rest to us. You won’t even have to make the bed when you go home to your new house!

This is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is more common than you would think. Some people are just happy to have some help and choose to have a standard china & glass pack benefitting from the added insurance protection that’s is included.

For information on any of our packing services visit our website for information on our packing services.

If you think you have the right qualities to join our friendly packing crew please apply on our removal jobs page using our application form.